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1.Mainboard explain for flatbed letterpress(not professional, but easy to understand)


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After-sale Services

1. Warranty period:

1-3 year after the installation at the buyers' place.                                                      

2. Training and installing:

Experienced English-spoken engineers who have served more than 20 countries can come to buyers factory, do training and after sales service in buyers factory.

3. Business guide:

Even after machine production well, your people know everything about the machine, your production runs in order, you still can keep my engineer in your factory for some time to guide your business. It is also free.

4. After-sales service:

All the problems which can not be solved by your engineers, our English spoken engineer come to your factory to do this service.

5. Free daily maintenance :

In the first 1-3 years, my engineer will go back to factory of customers to do free daily maintenance one a year.

6. Which country we have exported to?

We have exported to Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, USA, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Albania, Turkey, Poland, South Africa, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabic, U.A.E, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

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